Indoor Navigation
& Interactive Digital Mapping

For Smart Venues That Welcome, Guide and Reward us

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Indoor navigation

Transform your building into interactive digital floor maps with effective search and guiding tools to help visitors find their way indoors

Digital mapping

Create interactive 2D and 3D digital indoor floor maps for your building, define points of interest, and connect them with the right routes.

Real time tracking

Track assets and staff real time and manage your resources efficiently. You can monitor, set alerts, and response to incidents

Take Visitors' Engagement to the Next Level

Whether you manage an airport, a shopping mall, a hospital, a museum, or even a stadium, our crafted digital mapping and indoor navigation solution will guide visitors step by step indoors with great precession and engage with them based on their location with relevant offers

index technology

Technology that works

65% of consumers

that receive push notifications check and open them

How it works

The fastest and most efficient way to implement regardless of the venue size. Request for a demo today!

Our solution

Our solution


Smooth indoor navigation with a great positioning precision


Integrate with iOS & Android mobile applications using SDKs and clear documentation

Fast implementation

Regardless of the size of your venue, we guarantee a speedy deployment process

Cost efficient

With all the benefits you get a quality solution at a competitive cost

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