NEARMOTION solutions

For Hospitals

use cases

Asset Tracking

How big is the problem?

Seconds Matter

When it comes to emergency situations

Is Critical

Finding what's needed when it's needed

The Problem Is Getting Bigger

8 Devices / Bed
13 Devices / Bed

9 of 10 devices are portable


wasted hours each month for every 1000 nurses searching for equipment

1 in 3 nurses spends at least 1hour/shift

Just Imagine

Equipment utilization rates

<50% as a result many hospitals experience equipment utilization rates

Find who you need

Medical staff, patients, equipment

We could save time, money, lives

We could enable a better patient experience

Indoor Navigation For Hospital

NEARMOTION and Beacon Technology

NEARMOTION algorithms empowered by Beacon technology provides a precise positioning indoors which leads to a great user experience

Hospitals Mobile App for Patients

Facility map

Get Directions

Emergency Department

Find a Doctor


Patient Portal

Great Insights for Hospitals Management

Valuable insights for Hospitals like patient heat maps. Highlight patients that are waiting longer than acceptable waiting time in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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Dallah Hospital

Dallah Hospital


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