NEARMOTION and Dallah Hospital are Taking Patient Experience to a New Level with Indoor Navigation

Dallah Hospital

Dallah Hospital is now implementing NEARMOTION’s indoor navigation solution which offers visitors a great experience and allow them to find their way indoors using their smart phones

  • Navigate indoors step by step to their appointments
  • Saves their parking location and navigate towards it
  • Locate friends and family members
  • Receive location-based notifications (offers, health tips)
  • Share their location with others
  • Rate their experience
Dallah Hospital

Fast solution implementation with great accuracy and patient experience

Our project management process allows us to deliver the mapping and indoor positioning system in few days

Satisfied patients, loyal clients

Dallah Hospital patients and visitors can now notice the difference technology can make to enhance their experience and journey

Dallah Hospital
Dallah Hospital
Dallah Hospital

NEARMOTION empowers venues with digital wayfinding tools that can be implemented with a great precession in a short period of time

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