NEARMOTION solutions

For Airports

use cases

No More Delays!

80% – Very Important
20% – Neutral to navigation

For most passenger navigation inside airports is very important.

no GPS

Lack of indoor navigation in GPS applications

Due to GPS restriction indoors, wayfinding and location awareness is difficult in indoor spaces such as metro stations and airports.

NEARMOTION Implementing BLE Technology

Bluetooth Low Energy technology simplifies indoor navigation

How Does it Work?

Say you're arriving at the airport

There is a network of nearby BLE devices

Your mobile picks up a signal and send you a relevant response

Knowing the time having exact directions, lets you to spend quality time in the duty free area without any worries to miss your flight

Mobile App for Passengers

Trip shedule

Attaraction Locations

Indoor Map


Services by Location

Great Insights for Airport Management

Beacon technology gets valuable insights for airport management like passengers density map and activity analytics.

Benefits of NEARMOTION Approach

Support Travelers to find the shortest way

Improve personalized experience

Asset Tracking

Advertising by location

Keep track of traffic flows and locate incidents quickly

Improve queue management and minimize waitinz time

Gives passangers the comfort of knowing travel time and route to the gate gives them more time to spend in duty free

Visualization and analytics of passenger flow

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