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NEARMOTION Implementing Beacon Technology

The power of beacons lies in its ability to connect the real world with the virtual world with a level of granularity that hasn’t existed before. For a sports fan, this new technology points towards a unique experience that brings the stadium to life by sending them location-driven special offers and promotions for concessions.

How Does it Work?

Say you're entering a stadium

There's a Beacon network for positioning

Your mobile picks up signals providing your position and route

You save time, your mobiles shows you the shortest way to your seat

Indoor/Outdoor Navigation

Show the way

Help sport fans find their seats, food stands, merchandise, less crowded restrooms, and other points of interest

Help people find each other

Fans can locate friends and family members

Give location-based information

Give your visitors more information about what’s around them. “Want to know what they have at that food stand and what are the prices? Check your phone”

Fan experience

Provide Fun & Games

Get a player to salute visitors when they pass near his photo, organize treasure hunts or other gamified experiences that help them make more loyalty points.

Create tailored experiences

Give special prizes or access to team training sessions to early comers, replay the most important moments for those who come in late. Set up mobile guided tours of the stadium for those who come to visit when there is no game.



Offer your visitors special offers to upgrade their seat in real time when you have empty places in a more expensive section nearby.

Surprise loyal fans

Provide special merchandise offers to loyal fans.

Get them on your app

When it gets crowded, friends can get separated and kids can get lost. Alert them when they wander off and help them find each other.

Analytics for Venue Management

Gate analytics

Know when and from which gate your visitors enter the stadium

Get Feedback

Say goodbye to your visitors and ask them for feedback when they leave

Know & help the crowd

Use heatmaps to understand where people are queuing, know what they like and where they are waiting too long in real time

Benefits of NEARMOTION Approach

Save time for your customers and staff

Improve customer experience

Attract people by offering them the right service

Create new revenue streams

Receive data about waiting times and customer satisfaction level

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