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Indoor Navigation for Universities

22.08.21 | Samar Aljomaie

Picture a guest lecturer who is 15 minutes late because he was not able to find his way to the auditorium. Newcomers feel anxious, stumbling around a large campus trying to find their classroom or a professor’s office. As educational institutions are becoming large and complex, such scenarios are common.

Indoor navigation for universities makes it easy to navigate vast campuses for students, staff, and visitors. Navigation apps often facilitate advanced indoor positioning, push notifications, great insights for campus management, and much more.

Benefits of Using Indoor Navigation for Universities

navigation app for universities

A great indoor navigation system solves many commonly encountered problems and makes universities a safe and engaging place for everyone. Some top benefits are:

No Lateness and Missed Classes

A reliable indoor navigation app allows students, staff, and other visitors to easily navigate vast campuses and find exactly what they need. It saves on time spent wandering cluelessly around corridors or asking others for directions.

Students can easily locate classrooms, libraries, labs, and equipment like printers, PCs, etc. For those with disabilities, indoor navigation for universities guides towards wheelchair ramps and elevators.

A good indoor navigation app even shows different routes to universities’ parking lots and public transport stops on the maps. Everything with just one finger tap on your mobile!

Positive Student Experience

Students can virtually navigate the campus to familiarize themselves with the environment, to have a pleasant experience right from the beginning.

The app shows all points of interest on the campus and makes them easily searchable. So, no more guessing or asking others for directions again and again. All information you need about navigating the vast area is in your pocket.

Assists During Emergency Situations

Indoor navigation apps provide safe and accurate routing to campus exits, which is a useful feature during an emergency.

Users can send location coordinates to first responders and with friends and family members. As a result, it becomes easy to identify their whereabouts at any time.

Space Efficiency

You can integrate indoor navigation for universities with a space reservation calendar or the facility management software, depending on the app you use. This makes it easy to find the vacant bookable room or the closest study room and book it on the go.

By helping with facility management, indoor navigation for universities provides a better monetary return on real estate investments. You can rent out vacant buildings to start-ups and corporations for increased space efficiency.

Features of a Good Indoor Navigation App for Universities

Not all indoor navigation solutions are made equally. But the most common and essential features of indoor navigation for universities include the following:

Indoor Positioning and Wayfinding

Changing lecture schedules, locate classrooms, or finding the nearest computer can be a challenge for students and teachers.

Facilitating digital indoor navigation for the university ensures the great impression of being proactive and simplified. Especially new students benefit tremendously from this technology because they feel safe, secure, and familiar with the campus using it. There is no risk for them of getting lost in maze-like buildings.

Current students benefit greatly by easily finding their way to new classrooms and areas on the campus.

Digital Mapping

Good and reliable indoor navigation for universities facilitates digital mapping. You can create highly interactive 2D and 3D digital indoor floor maps for buildings. You can define various points of interest and connect all areas with the right and optimized routes.

Real-Time Assets Tracking

Within the campus, you have got many valuable assets, including staff and equipment. Having the knowledge of the whereabouts of all assets helps you stay proactive. Indoor navigation helps track the location of your assets in real-time.

So, you can manage your resources efficiently and access them right away as and when needed. The solution lets you monitor, respond to incidents, and set alerts for emergencies.

Real-time Campus Management

You get valuable and useful insights for universities or other educational premises using visitors’ heatmap. These insights help the entire management and facilities teams to easily manage vast, multi-building campuses. You can easily allocate resources and staff while keeping costs low.

Other features include:

  • Location-based tagging for maintenance
  • Real-time rerouting
  • Push notifications
  • Emergency route planning

Quick Respond to Emergencies

emergency exit navigation for universities

In case of emergencies, indoor navigation helps manage visitors in real-time. Users can quickly find optimal routes and the nearest exits from buildings.

The system can automatically detect large gatherings, make heat maps, and send alerts on emergencies. As a result, indoor navigation helps ensure safety on the campus while reducing the chances of accidents.

NEARMOTION Indoor Navigation for Universities – Improve Student and Staff Experience

NEARMOTION is an all-in-one indoor navigation solution for universities. The app makes it easy to navigate large campuses and provides valuable insights that help improve services.

The platform offers effective indoor positioning and can be easily adapted for universities and other educational institutions.


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