indoor navigation in shopping malls

Indoor Navigation for Shopping Malls: Improve Shopper’s Experience

06.08.21 | Lucie Koning

Large shopping malls feature many stores that make them look like a maze. It leaves visitors puzzled about finding their ways. Although there are physical signage, but these can cause frustration and time wastage. Thus, indoor navigational for shopping malls has become important. It’s vital for improving the shopping experience of visitors.

Using mobile navigation apps, people can find the shops and products they need with ease.

Reasons to Use Indoor Navigation for Shopping Malls

Like an outdoor GPS, an indoor navigation app guides you inside a shopping mall. As a result, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Enhanced Data-Driven Shopping Experiences

Time-constrained and savvy shoppers expect greater product choice, convenience, and availability.

Indoor navigation for shopping malls bridges physical spaces to the digital world. Also, it offers unmatched visibility and insight into important metrics. As a result, these visitor metrics can help enhance the user experience.

Connect Retailers with Shoppers

Besides, it creates meaningful connection points between retailers, shoppers, and management. This further helps deliver unparalleled retail environments.

Increased Rental Revenue

Better experience attracts more customers. More buyers further drive more retail tenants. Also, it helps mall owners command higher rents.

Drives Related Sales

People can locate their desired stores and products. It saves them the time needed for shopping. Besides, the chances are that they spend the saved time buying ancillary services. These include dining, gaming, or visiting more stores in the mall.

How Does It Work?

Indoor navigation for shopping malls comes in different forms. These solutions use using different technologies, which can affect their features and functionality.

But, the main purpose of all is one – easing customer journey and improving experience.

Indoor navigation must have three elements for an effective experience in shopping malls:

Indoor Positioning

  • Shoppers can access maps of the mall and plan their visits.
  • Shows store amenities to ensure high usage.
  • Interactive content allowing visitors to explore all their options.

Indoor Navigation

  • Get directions to stores, eateries, and all other amenities.
  • Shoppers can find the fastest and easiest routes.
  • Visitors can mark and trace back their car location in the parking.

Location-Based Marketing

  • Offer VIPs services and immediate attention
  • Send location-based promotions for increased engagement rate.
  • Personalize offers to departments and even specific items

NEARMOTION –Efficient Indoor Navigation for Shopping Malls

NEARMOTION offers powerful indoor navigation for shopping malls. It enables easy navigation for visitors and increases their comfort level.
Besides, it provides accurate positioning, resulting in a improved shopping experience. Thus, it’s an important part of their shopping experience. It helps them locate desired shops and products.

So, embrace NEARMOTION indoor navigation for your shopping malls. You will see more revenue coming to you.

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