NEARMOTION Joins NVIDIA Inception Program to Elevate AI-Driven Indoor Navigation Solutions

12.06.24 | Mouhyi

We are excited to announce that NEARMOTION has been accepted into the prestigious NVIDIA Inception Program. This marks a pivotal milestone in our mission to revolutionize indoor navigation and digital wayfinding solutions with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

As a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program, NEARMOTION gains exclusive access to the latest developer resources and training, as well as special pricing on NVIDIA hardware and software. This partnership will also provide us with invaluable exposure to the venture capital community, accelerating our growth and innovation trajectory.

Harnessing AI for Enhanced Indoor Navigation

NEARMOTION is dedicated to delivering seamless, interactive indoor navigation solutions that transform visitor experiences in a variety of settings, including hospitals, airports, and convention centers. Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Interactive 2D and 3D Digital Indoor Maps: Providing detailed and interactive maps for easy navigation.
  • Augmented Reality Navigation: Leveraging AR to offer an immersive wayfinding experience.
  • Indoor Mapping: Creating accurate and dynamic indoor maps.
  • Wayfinding Kiosk Software: Developing intuitive kiosk solutions for real-time navigation assistance.
  • Real-Time Asset Tracking and Positioning: Ensuring precise location tracking for assets and individuals.
  • Visitor Engagement Tools: Enhancing visitor interaction and engagement through advanced tools.
  • Evacuation and Emergency Wayfinding Solutions: Providing critical guidance during emergencies.

Accelerating Innovation with NVIDIA

The NVIDIA Inception Program is designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data science. By joining this program, NEARMOTION will be able to integrate NVIDIA’s AI technologies to further enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and user experience of our indoor navigation systems.

“We are thrilled to be part of the NVIDIA Inception Program,” said Faisal Alferdos, NEARMOTION CEO. “This partnership will enable us to leverage NVIDIA’s cutting-edge AI resources, accelerating our development process and enhancing our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients and their customers.”

A Future of AI-Driven Indoor Navigation

The integration of NVIDIA’s AI capabilities will empower NEARMOTION to push the boundaries of indoor navigation technology, offering smarter, more responsive solutions that adapt to the needs of users in real-time. From enhancing real-time positioning to improving the interactive features of our wayfinding kiosks, the possibilities are endless.

We are excited about the future and the innovations this partnership will bring. Stay tuned as we continue to push the envelope in AI-driven indoor navigation and digital wayfinding solutions.

For more information about NEARMOTION and our solutions, please visit our website or contact us directly.


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