Indoor Navigation for Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

Indoor Navigation for Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare


NEARMOTION have delivered MyWay the new wayfinding technology to help patients visit to JHAH run smoothly.


  • Find your way with easy to use maps
  • Check the location of a clinic or service in advance
  • See all the services and amenities


  • Live ‘blue dot’ navigation to your destination
  • Enter your destination to find the fastest route from your location
  • Be guided with voice prompts or text directions to find your way
  • Select the option to find a wheelchair accessible route or nearest emergency exit
  • Find out more about the service or clinic

NEARMOTION as a leading in wayfinding solutions in the region has been successful in delivering its precise indoor navigation system to other hospitals including Dallah Hospitals 

Download the application for an optimal experience and all features, the JHAH navigation application MyWay now available on Apple App Store and Google Play

use online map

For more details visit JHAH MyWay 

JHAH Mapping for Indoor Navigation


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