Indoor Navigation for Stadiums 

Indoor Navigation for Stadiums

12.09.21 | Lucie Koning

Stadiums are fun-filled and becoming bigger, as they have to offer more facilities to visitors or fans. However, with a bigger sports arena comes the challenge of visitor navigation, and it becomes difficult for fans to find their seat on time.

Complex facilities are hard to navigate through without any help or support. You can give your visitors easy access to their states and amenities with indoor navigation for stadiums. By providing intuitive indoor navigation of your venue, you can impress fans with your service while making everything easy for them in the stadium.

Being a stadium owner, you should take advantage of indoor navigation technology to give unforgettable experiences to fans.

How Indoor Navigation Works In Stadiums

The quality indoor navigation system helps visitors to locate various amenities in the stadium, such as food corners, drinks, beverages, and more. This helps sports lovers to find their way to their respective rooms or sports area at the stadium. The best part is that they do not need to depend on the GPS for using indoor navigation.

  • Say a visitor is entering the stadium from any back or front door. Now, he or she may face difficulty in finding the root of the venue. In this case, the visitor can use indoor navigation through a mobile phone.
  • Phone Pick up the Signal: Now, the mobile phone of visitor picks up the signals and help people with finding the right route to reach their place. Also, indoor navigation helps find the shortest way to their seats and other amenities in the stadium.

Indoor Navigation for Stadiums 

Benefits of Indoor Navigation for Stadiums

Indoor navigation is beneficial for everyone – fans, players, and the stadium authority. Here are some of its benefits:

Indoor positioning

Fans can check their mobiles to see the exact indoor location of their seat in real-time. With indoor navigation, they will never get lost in a complex stadium and can easily find a way to their place. Further, indoor navigation apps enable the stadium authority to deliver in-seat experiences to fans. Moreover, indoor positioning doesn’t need any hardware apart from a mobile phone.

Easy Access to Amenities

Indoor navigation offers easy access to amenities like merchandise, washroom, or food and beverages. For example, when a fan feels to go to the bathroom, they do not need to waste time searching stairs or routes. They can simply find it through the indoor navigation app on their mobile phone. What’s more, visitors can download static maps or interactive maps for real-time use.

Venue management

If you run a stadium, then indoor navigation is of great importance for you too. It helps you to know from which gate the visitors enter the stadium and where is a long queue for entering.

With these valuable insights, you can manage the stadium’s crowd and help people with easy passage through lanes. In addition, it helps you better manage the visitors’ flow. All of this makes indoor navigation highly useful when it comes to streamlining the flow inside the stadium and security.

Help people find each other.

The best part of indoor navigation for stadiums is that it helps fans find their friends and family members. They can track the route to the place where their friends sit and can easily reach them in a stadium. In addition, it keeps groups and families connected with its location-sharing features.

Location-based services

Fans can get location-based information and can reach the right place at the right time. The indoor navigation app for the stadium enables visitors to skip queues for entrance. In addition, the app offers food and beverage promotions as people walk by these amenities in the stadium.

If you are looking for easy to use Indoor navigation app for your visitors, then try NEARMOTION.

Indoor Navigation for Stadiums 

Why use NearMotion Indoor Navigation for Stadiums?

NEARMOTION provides robust indoor navigation for a highly engaging and state-of-art experience to visitors.

The stadium authority can ensure that the location and events information is always up-to-date and accessible to everyone. You can display relevant and latest promotions based on the users’ location within the complex. By recognizing the habits of sports fans, stadium managers can create better facilities for them. Moreover, it helps you to manage the crowd at the times of sports tournaments in your stadium. In addition, the program offers the following benefits:

  • It saves time to the staff and visitors
  • Improves overall visitors experience by offering them the right service
  • Receive useful insights about visitors waiting times and satisfaction level
  • Opens up new revenue streams
  • Get feedback from visitors when they leave
  • Offer special offers to upgrade their seat in real-time

All in all, NEARMOTION is an essential part of the stadium to manage everything and to give visitors the best experience. So, use this indoor navigation for stadiums and see more funding coming to you.


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