Indoor navigation for hospitals

Indoor Navigation for Hospitals and Medical Cities

02.08.21 | Samar Al Jomaie

Indoor Navigation for Hospitals: Elevate Patient Experience & Operational Efficiency

In large healthcare facilities, patients often face difficulty finding the best parking spot and appointments. Visitors rely on signage and staff to find their loved ones admitted to the hospital.

And time-pressed staff wants automated processes to avoid no-shows and later arrivals due to patients getting lost in large healthcare complexes.

That’s why automated indoor navigation for hospitals becomes important.

Benefits of Indoor Navigation for Hospitals

Here are the reasons why you need an automated indoor navigation app for your hospital or polyclinic:

Plan Visit Journey – From Parking to Appointment

Patients can park their car, save the location, and navigate to the appointment using their smartphone. They don’t need to stop asking someone for direction. This gives them a familiar feel while reducing patient no-show and late arrival rate.

Using the app, patients can also see how long it will take to reach the appointment.

Medical Staff Tracking & Contact Tracing

Time is an asset to medical staff. The faster the staff acts, the more lives are saved.

Staff can use the navigation and wayfinding apps to locate necessary equipment and rooms.

Many of these apps facilitate signals for emergency situations, making the team more accurate and effective.

Social distancing, and so, traffic control is even more critical in healthcare facilities. Automated indoor navigation for hospitals facilitates traffic control that further helps optimize the visitors’ flow in hospitals.

Moreover, contract tracing helps analyze data on the movements of infected people. So, hospitals can figure out the potential risk of infection in the facility.

Real-time Hospital Management

It helps the management to effectively allocate resources and staff while keeping costs low. At the same time, it helps improve patients’ experience.

Digital mapping and navigation apps feature an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to manage the facility with a few taps. Management can perform tasks like:

• Location-based tagging for maintenance
• Emergency route planning
• Asset and resource tracking

NEARMOTION – Simplifying Indoor Navigation for Healthcare Facilities

NEARMOTION serves as a complete indoor navigation solution for healthcare. It’s intended to improve operational efficiency and create a safer patient-centric facility.

NEARMOTION empowers hospitals’ apps get valuable insights like patient heatmap and highlights patients waiting longer in the queue. It helps lower costs and make informed decisions about floor plans. The app also helps engage visitors with relevant details and offers.

Top healthcare facilities, including Dallah Hospital and
Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH), are already experiencing ultimate indoor navigation for hospitals using NEARMOTION.


Indoor navigation helps ensure that your visitors and patients enjoy a great experience. It eliminates the frustration of navigating complex healthcare facilities, engages people, and solidifies your bottom line.

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