Indoor Navigation for Exhibitions

Indoor Navigation for Exhibitions

29.08.21 | Samar Aljomaie

Just imagine visitors wandering through your exhibition, struggling with heavy catalogs and looking for interesting exhibitors, a cash machine, or a car park. This doesn’t sound good! Your aim, as an exhibition or tradeshow organizer, is to organize an event that is engaging and convenient both for visitors and exhibitors.

Making indoor navigation for exhibitions easy is one of several important ways to ensure that people take full advantage of their participation at the event.

Benefits of Indoor Navigation for Exhibitions

Some of the top benefits of indoor navigation for exhibitions and tradeshows are:

Save time for your visitors and your staff

Accurate and convenient indoor navigation systems allow users to navigate comfortably to the point of their desire. So, it saves a lot of time for exhibition staff and visitors.

Imagine a visitor interested in a particular exhibitor. S/he enters the event just to feel like getting lost in a maze. Though physical signages are there, these may not be very useful for today’s busy people.

If the same visitor is provided with an indoor navigation system, they can easily locate exactly what s/he is looking for. They can quickly map out any desired exhibitors, parking space, water facilities, cash machine, and other areas on their smart device.

Receive Insightful Analytics

The success of exhibitions and tradeshows is largely measured by the event engagement. Indoor navigation for exhibitions and tradeshows also gathers data about waiting time and customer satisfaction level.

You can use heat maps and dwell time to figure out how people interact with your space. The solution provides real-time usage stats for traffic flow at different entrances, exits, and other areas.

These detailed, real-time insights help optimize traffic flow and plan better for upcoming events. You can adjust your strategies accordingly to attract more visitors, drive more sales and even plan upcoming exhibitions for success.

Improve visitors’ experience

Indoor navigation for exhibition improves the visitor experience by facilitating highly accurate and intuitive positioning. It takes the confusion and frustration out of wayfinding and helps guide attendees to the right booths and live demos they don’t want to miss.

The technology is even greater for multi-building positionings. It allows seamless navigation across complex sites, which comprise several buildings spread out across a wide area of land.

Create New Revenue Streams

As mentioned above, indoor navigation systems also serve as a promotional platform. Exhibition organizers can send customized deals and offer to participants. In addition, organizers and exhibitors can send advertisements and promotional notifications to visitors based on their location.

With all these, indoor navigation ensures increased revenue to organizers and exhibitors participating in the event.

Mobile Ticketing

For visitors with a busy itinerary, buying paper-based tickets can be a hassle. Also, you want to provide a positive and satisfactory experience to your visitors.

Mobile ticket enabled by indoor navigation is an excellent solution that helps sell tickets with ease. On visitors’ end, they can easily purchase tickets using their smart devices without waiting for long in queues.

Digital Mapping

The digital mapping feature of indoor navigation makes it easy to create and locate any particular area with a few finger taps. It improves venue navigation, accessibility and improves the overall visitor experience.

Target Marketing

The indoor navigation technology goes far beyond just wayfinding. It allows exhibitors and organizers to attract people by offering them the right service. They can address visitors via push notifications or push messages regarding relevant offers based on visitors’ profiles and interests.

For example, organizers can send interesting details about exhibitors, customized shop offers, or other relevant information about the building.

When recipients receive and open these notifications, they are more likely to grab the offer or visit the exhibitor. Visitors can use offers and coupons during exhibition time and/or afterward.

NearMotion: An All-in-one Indoor Navigation Solution for Exhibitions

NearMotion helps achieve turn-by-turn indoor navigation without additional external hardware. This expertly-created solution directs exhibition visitors toward desired exhibitors or booths so that they can utilize the opportunity in the best way possible.

This futuristic indoor navigation solution doesn’t need beacons, ultra-wideband tags, or additional external hardware to operate. It’s a fully scalable solution that is easy to deploy and use.

This beaconless indoor navigation solution mainly runs on WiFi and earth magnetic fields. It ensures a speedy implementation, no matter what’s the size of the venue. In addition to the benefits listed above, NearMotion has much more to offer. It helps in tracking valuable assets – movable and immovable – within the venue. You can track people’s locations while they navigate the venue during the exhibition or tradeshow.


Indoor navigation for exhibitions and tradeshows helps ensure that your visitors and participants alike enjoy a great experience. It eliminates the hassles of navigating complex venues and solidifies your bottom line as an organizer.



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