Indoor navigation for airports

Indoor Navigation for Airports: Comprehensive Indoor Navigation & Positioning Solution

08.08.21 | Samar Al Jomaie

Airport travelers – business executives, families, and vacationers – are always on the clock. But as airports are becoming more complex, people have to struggle with long airport queues, countless boarding gates, and over-packed baggage claim areas.

Despite myriad signs, passengers often waste their precious minutes bypassing desires services/vendors or getting lost.

That’s where indoor navigation for airports makes a great alternative. The technology is already redefining passengers’ experience, airport planning, and staff productivity worldwide.

Benefits of Indoor Navigation for Airports

A reliable indoor navigation solution for airports helps create the smart and well-managed airport of the future. It enables a next-generation experience for passengers, increases non-aeronautical revenue, and improves the overall airport operations.

Here is how indoor navigation can help airports:

Indoor Analytics for Informed Decisions

Indoor navigation lets the airport authority visualize passenger flow and track incidents, wait times, congestion, etc.

Airports can use these valuable insights to improve their operations. Similarly, vendors can check movement frequencies and patterns inside their shops. These analytics help them find out the room for improvement.

Deliver On-Time Departure

Location based engagement

Using technology-powered indoor navigation is a proactive step to ensure punctuality. You can send contextual notifications to passengers so that they arrive at the gate timely.

You can track queue times and bottlenecks in real time and optimize the traffic flow according to location-based analytics. This provides greater control and visibility over your airport.

Personalized Passenger Experience

Using indoor navigation, you can facilitate visitors with real-time rerouting and push notifications.

  • You can offer personalized messages, such as gate changes, flight time, time requirements for security, baggage wait time, and more.
  • Send location-based marketing and promotional messages, such as loyalty offers and coupons. As travelers save time, they may like to grab these deals, driving sales to vendors.

Manage Traffic Flow and Helps Fight Congestion

In airports these days, congestion is a real struggle. As these large transportation hubs become increasingly congested with passengers, cargo, and aircraft in transit, everyone feels the effect.

Indoor navigation solutions make it easy! Using these platforms, the airports’ traffic control department can visualize traffic flow and locate incidents quickly throughout the facility using heat maps. You can see what areas drive higher traffic than other ones. Based on these insights, you can quickly move displays and events to optimize the traffic.

Asset Tracking – Resource and Staff Management

Airports are one of the largest complexes in any city they are located in. Therefore, allocating and accommodating available resources and staff within the airport can be challenging. Indoor navigation also helps airports efficiently manage assets, like the Unit Load Devices (ULDs), repairs, tractors, maintenance, staff, etc.

Doing this manually is nearly impossible, especially due to increasingly large airport premises. Indoor navigation for airports helps keep a record of available equipment and optimize its usage for a productive workflow.

This solution makes it easy to manage the airport pretty easy. You can find and allocate staff and resources in real-time based on the requirements.

Because of all this, airports can handle emergencies and everyday situations proactively and effectively.

Digital Mapping for Airports

A reliable indoor navigation solution for airports comes featured with digital mapping. Indoor digital mapping provides easy and quick access to information and improves assets and traffic flow management.

It allows users to come up with pop-up details in real-time that further enhances travelers’ experience up to a great extent. Pop-up details typically include parking information, Wi-Fi details, emergency exits, baggage areas, etc. NEARMOTION digital mapping allows passengers to easily locate desired duty-free shops, boarding gates, or other points, reducing their stress.

Digital mapping helps the airport staff to track valuable assets on the map for maintenance inside the airport.

Eases Navigation for Visually Impaired Visitors

indoor navigation for visually impaired

Making life easier for everyone, indoor navigation solutions help visually impaired individuals by enhancing their spatial awareness. The app facilities self-supporting navigation to POIs, putting them at comfort and convenience.

Other Benefits:

  • It helps people find the shortest way.
  • Enhance queue management
  • Reduces waiting time
  • Keeps everyone updated

Why Choose NEARMOTION for Indoor Navigation for Airports

NearMotion serves as an exclusive and all-in-one indoor navigation for airports. It delivers interactive wayfinding and personalized advertising. Users get information about real-time locations and the shortest paths to their destinations. By providing interactive digital mapping and turn-by-turn wayfinding at their fingertips, NearMotion reduces traveler’s hassle and anxiety.

The solution helps vendors at the airport drive more sales and revenue by sending relevant offers via push notifications.

With deep insights into traffic flow and patterns, airport management can optimize operational efficiency and productivity. You can easily track and monitor assets and staff performance in real-time.

So, if you are looking for ideal indoor navigation for airports, NEARMOTION can be your best choice. Call us at +966 138901818 or send us an email [email protected] for any query.

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