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Digital Mapping & Wayfinding for Large Buildings – For Seamless Visitor Experience


Large buildings like hospitals, multiplexes, and universities can be challenging to navigate. Printed maps and static signage often become outdated and incorrect over time. That’s when digital mapping and wayfinding enter.

Digital mapping and digital wayfinding for large buildings enable visitors to navigate indoor spaces without confusion. These solutions help visitors get to the right place at the right time with no fuss.

That’s why digital mapping and wayfinding are becoming popular these days.

Benefits for Digital Mapping & Wayfinding for Large Buildings

One of the primary goals of every public venue is to improve visitors’ experience. And digital mapping and wayfinding can take visitors’ experience to a higher level.

Here’s how digital mapping and wayfinding can benefit large building navigation.

  • Help visitors get to the desired place safely and on time.

People can preview digital maps and directions before actually arriving. It helps them get to the intended place on time, using the most efficient and safest on-site routes.

Using digital kiosks, visitors can find their way to points of interest or events. It cuts down the reliance on reception and other staff.

  • Seamless blue-dot navigation via mobile app

Digital wayfinding mobile apps provide accurate turn-by-turn directions and transition across floors and between buildings. So, your visitors know where to step next.

  • Drive revenue by sending location-based notifications

You can deliver alerts and notifications to visitors based on their location. In this way, you keep them updated with the latest venue details or inform them about promotions and offers you’re currently availing.

  • Improves your corporate image

Your brand image is directly linked to the visitor experience. Digital mapping and wayfinding help create this experience seamlessly. Organizations with large buildings need to ensure that people can navigate their premises without the hassle and without missing necessary contact points.

As a result, your visitors leave your building with a positive experience that further strengthens your brand image.

NEARMOTION – Digital Mapping & Digital Wayfinding for Large Buildings


Powered by Apple’s Beacon Technology, NEARMOTION is an all-in-one solution for your indoor navigation concerns. Our digital wayfinding solutions consist of interactive digital maps to provide direction information for visitors.

Using our digital wayfinding mobile app, you can advertise the latest offers and update visitors with relevant information of their interest.

Key features of NEARMOTION digital wayfinding are:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-follow floor plans
  • Fast and efficient search engine
  • Indoor positioning
  • Easy integration
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The software automatically detects visitors’ location in the building. Accordingly, it suggests the best route to their destination within the premises. This flexible and portable solution lets visitors check out location information anywhere and anytime.

So, with NEARMOTION, you can easily find your way within large buildings and always be on time safely.

Start your digital wayfinding journey now. Book an online demo with NEARMOTION.

Digital mapping and digital wayfinding for large buildings have become essential for enhancing visitors’ experiences. So, if you want to create a positive experience, get your solution now.

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