NEARMOTION solutions

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New Shopping Era


$4 BN


$44 BN


Beacon technology poised to dominate retail

Beacons drives $44 billion in retail sales by 2016, up from $4 billion in 2015*

*Business Insider Report

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

Simplifying indoor navigation

Just like satellites in the space, BLE devices (Beacons) send radio signals allowing the smartphone to present the customers’ position and update it on the screen for every step they make toward their desired destination. Search features and location based offers make the customer experience a great one.

How Does it Work?

Say you're walking by a store and see a nice pair of shoes

There's a Beacon placed next to shoes section

Your mobile picks up a signal and send you a relevant response

You walk happy with exactly what you want

Great Insights for Shopping Malls Management

Get valuable insights for shopping malls management like customer density map and customer behavior analytics.

Benefits for Malls

Store & Service Finder

Indoor navigation on interactive digital floor map that lead you step by step towards destination

New ways to engage with customers

Location-based mobile customer communication

New sources of income

Shopping festivals, Marketing platforms for shops etc.

Shopper Analytics

Get insights into customer behavior, optimize your space according to your visitors density

Improved customer service

Online interaction with Mall Services, Request an assistance from Mall employees

Benefits of Near Motion Approach

Define and automate real-time campaigm sets

Integrate interactive digital signage displays

Personalize and targer mobile campaigns to individuals

Create positive engagement and dialogue with customers

Create superior in-store experiences

Guide shoppers more effectively through the store by means of indoor navigation

Develop context-aware promotions

Continuosly collect visitor information and feedback through mobile customer serveys

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