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Smartphones in Tourism

85% of leisure travelers

use their smartphone while abroad

  • Millennialstouch their smartphones 43x per day
  • 70% of millennials expect special places to offer immersive experiences that are interactive and hands on
  • Young travelers now represent 20% of international tourism
  • Millennials are expected to spend incrementally more on travel services than any other age group

Leading smartphone activities of global travelers while on vacation

- 68% Checking work emails
- 67% Navigation / maps
- 64% Texting
- 51% Taking vacation photos
- 42% Making calls
- 35% Snapping pictures of meals
- 32% Skype-ing friends / family
- 27% Playing games
- 25% Taking selfies

NEARMOTION: Connecting the Dots

NFC & Beacons are new technologies that help devices:

Increased visitor satisfaction

Follow-up visits

Top-notch analytics: length of stay, frequence, etc.

NEARMOTION Implementing BLE Technology

BLE technology simplifies indoor navigation

How Do Beacons Work?

Say you're looking at an ancient painting

There's a Beacon placed near to it

Your mobile picks up a signal and give you detailed information

You get more information in different media types

Great Insights for Museum Management

BLE technology gets valuable insights for Museums and Culture Centers like visitors heatmap


Set up your own beacon/NFC infastructure and protect it against unwanted usage

Trasmit location-based services such ah historical background information and axplanation as well as use cases such as indoor navigation

Provide partners e.g. publishers, souvenir shops and cafes with access to your beacons/NFC and keep control over them

This means that partners can rent your beacons / NFC

You keep control over your beacon/NFC infastructure

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