Near Motion solutions

for Hotels


iBeacon Technology


Real time beacon recognition

With Near Motion you recognize your guests in real-time


Beacon management

Our Beacon Management Platform allows you to easily oversee, control and personalize your beacon network.


Data Protection

We can guarantee highest security standards

Guests Experience

The focus on guests experience

The vision of Near Motion Hotel Solution is to give every hotel guest a personal experience that last. We transfer your hotel into a smart hotel in companion with a pleasant stay that eliminates all the travel hurdles.


The complete optimization of the guest's stay works automatically in the background. Our app combines the digital and the real world and hence brings the hotel experience to a new level.


The hotel staff has more time to personally care about the guest and therefore builds a personal relationship with him. Upon reversion the guest values the personal service and becomes loyal to the hotel

Relaxed Pre-checkin


To be expected by the hotel

With Near Motion guests inform the hotel with few fingertips in advanced about his preferences and his arrival time.


He can easily chose the respective hotel in the NM hotel app and sets his arrival and departure date.


His personal preferences and data will be sent to the hotel in advance. Therefore, the hotel staff can greet the guest and positively surprise him by responding to his preferences and needs

Automatic Guest

Offer personal services

When entering the hotel the smartphone of the guest receives a signal of the Near Motion hotel beacons which are installed in the hotel and recognize the guest in real-time. Only the hotel app with the integrated SDK (Software Development Kit) is needed to start the digital guest interaction


As soon as the guest enter the beacon area, the hotel will see the guest profile. The staff will therefore be able to recognize the incoming guests with the name and photo and can greet them personally.


Our solution for hotel works in combination with our Beacon management platform as an independent system on the iPad

Fast Check-in

Pre-filled guest registration form

Pre-defined guest profiles contain all relevant information for a check-in. Also new guests give their information directly to the hotel. The registration form will automatically be filled out and sent to the printer so that the guest only has to sign the document. By entering all the information from in his pocket. The form can even get individually edited by the hotel.


The waiting time for the guest is reduced, work-intencive process are optimized
and time is saved. Our solutions allow the hotel staff to concentrate on the guest experience whilst inconveniences are reduced to a minimum.

Mobile Payment

Automatic credit card validation

Thanks to fast secure mobile payment, guests can easily pay their stay.


Time is saved as there is no manual credit card validation needed. The guest`s payment details are deposited in the New Motion app and immediately verified by our FCA registered and PCI compliant payment provider.


During the check-in the amount for the stay can directly be charged to the guest`s credit card without the need to actually take out the switched between a private or a business settlement. The transaction confirmation will be send via


Guest Notifications

Send targeted messages to guests

The communication with the guests is very important to guarantee a great
experience. Relevant information which are tailored to the guest, personalize
the stay and will create and will create an ultimate positive feeling.


Let it be an insider tip about the city, the wi-fi password or a special offer for
a spa treatment - digital notifications enable the direct connection to the
guest. He will even receive those in his room and does no have to be in the
beacon area.


Through New Motion guest notifications, the hotelier has the chance to
approach guests target-oriented and advertiser in-house service.


Receive feedback directly

The guest is able to check-out from everywhere and can therefore skip the line at the reception when leaving.


He can also indicate whether he took something with his smartphone. The guest is therefore more willing to consume in the hotel as the payment is easy and convenient


The guest can communicate his satisfaction via a star rating system. Hence, the hotel staff can directly react to the feedback and create a memorable experience.


Valuable Data Analysis


Smart use of guest information

NM hotel allows hoteliers to perform valuable data analyses and measure
their own performance with an above-average accuracy.


Thus, it can be presented what the most frequent preferences of the NM
hotel guests in your hotel are. This shows what the guests really want so
that frequent needs can be addressed efficiently in the future.


Moreover, the payment behavior of NM hotel guests can be analyzed
precisely. By taking into account different demographics it can be shown
what type of guest spends how much in your hotel.

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